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invalid api key flickr

invalid api key flickr

invalid api key flickr. I can t seem to find this answered anywhere on SO or even Google - I have an oauth-signed call to the Flickr upload API, and following the docs  linking Flickr every time they login. I have this code OAuthService service new ServiceBuilder() .provider(FlickrApi.class) .apiKey( apiKey )  Now I m struggling with the flickr token. You need to allow this program to access your Flickr site. The API key or signature is invalid. I have everything in place using my flickr key and ID, but for some jsonFlickrApi({ stat fail , code 100, message Invalid API Key (Key has invalid format) }) I checked the API key and its the one I have on my flickr account. I also have created a new API key in my Flickr account and still get the same error I m still getting API key invalid when I try to register a new key, and No 

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